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    Providing the highest security for your goods: Unisto Security Seals 

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The highest quality since 90 years- Unisto security seals

Unisto security seals provide indicative access control for all kind of goods in transit. Sealed containers, bags, duty-free trolleys, tote boxes, roll cages, fire extinguishers, exit doors, gas meters, water meters and electricity meters are protected from manipulation. Our wide range of pull-tight security sealsfix length sealspadlock seals, ISO 17712:2013 certified bolt sealselectronic sealsmeter seals and tamper evident labels provide tamper evident control according to specific customer needs. Creativity and innovation constantly result in new security seal solutions, applying appropriate materials and procedures for market leaders in the Airline, Catering, Post and Courier ServicesBanks/Cash in TransitChemicalUtilitiesTransport and Retail industries. Originality, security, value communication with our customers have been the cornerstones of Unisto’s achievements for nine decades.


No matter if you have to seal food or duty-free trolleys, cabin stowage boxes, safety equipments, medical care boxes, catering high-loaders or other, we have a variety of security seal solutions that are suited for those applications common in your industry. 

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Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Food 

Safety, innovation and highest quality requirements for your products is the essential value in your industry. We have a variety of security seal solutions that are suitable for applications common in your industry, such as drums, bags, etc.. Unisto's detectable security seals prevent contamination of your goods. 

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Post and courier services

Taking care of goods and managing them assuring that they arrive intact and not tampered to the
right destination are the biggest challenges you as courrier have to overcome to please your customers. We secure your logistic and shipping process by providing you with security seals for your containers, as bags to move mails and parcels, tote boxes and cardboard boxes. 

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No matter if goods are moved by rail, road or sea, a high level of security for such goods is of vital importance. Therefore, we comply with all known and respected international standards such as ISO 17712:2013 or local customs requirements.

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Banks and Cash in Transit 

For all banks, providers of cash and valuables services which face increasing security demands. We develop and produce security sealing solutions to protect your values in transit from tampering. With us you can move your cash and confidential documents with an increased level of security for your operations. 

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Security is an important issue in the energy industry, even when it comes to meters. Smart meters, electricity, water or gas meters - our range of security seals includes solutions for a wide variety of applications and meter models.

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